Louise's People FAQs

How do I submit to your agency?

Click here for our submission page OR mail to:

Louise's People
863 13th Ave North
St. Petersburg, Fl 33701

We contact you if we feel we can assist you at this time.

Does your agency charge any money up front?

No. When a talent books a job commission is 20% on non-union projects... 10% on union projects.

Do I need professional pictures?

Yes. In our competitive market, professional pictures are a necessity. We do offer a list of photographers to choose from.

Do I need acting classes?

Yes. Again in this growing competitive market studying is a must. If you have children in the business, allow them to take advantage of free drama classes wherever they attend school. Experience in theatre , comedy or improv is a plus.

Are you exclusive?

Only if you want us to be!

What are the talent requirements?


Color headshot with resume sized to headshot! Once screened we will ask for an email read before we decide. We need strong actors of ALL AGES!

  • FEMALE - Female models must be at least 5'7" for the local market. Clear skin, healthy hair and fit. Please submit your comp OR clean face shot and full body shot in swimwear. NO piercings or tattoos. Commercial print does not always require height. Fashion print does! We can refer you to reputable photographer. For fashion scouting girls must be fresh faced and under 20 years of age with a height of at least 5'8". We do not need professional pictures for international scouting.

  • MALE - For men... height can be 6' to 6'1". 40 regular in suit size. Email clean facial shot and body shot in swim trunks. For commercial print in the local market height is not an issue. Age for fashion scouting is going to be teen to young 20. The local market for print is open.

  • CHILDREN - Children must be 5 years on up please! Send a natural face and body shot or professional pictures if you have them. When your child is missing teeth, please WAIT until the teeth come in before paying for professional pictures! The same goes for braces.

Who do you work with?

We work with all major casting directors and private clients such as: HSN, Disney, HH Gregg, Amscot, Universal, Natures Bounty, Wells Fargo, Suntrust, Tony Little, Bulova, Wachovia, Bank of America, Sonny's, Publix, Beef O Bradys, Sweetbay, Ford, Lancome, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Shisedo and Visit Florida... just to name a few!