All About Louise

Louise became a talent agent over 15 years ago after an extensive background in makeup, styling, talent consultation, school management, sales, fashion show co-ordination, sub-agenting and talent scouting. The agency became her niche.

Louise remains active in the animal rights movement supporting PETA and the local community by funding stray rescue.

She has written two books: Finding the Good in Goodbye is a self help book about surviving grief and a children's book Seven Scary Tales for Halloween available on Amazon!

Louise thanks her talent for their hard work which enables her to give back. "At the end of the day it's not just about the number of bookings I do... it's about turning the money around to make our world a better place."

Recent Testimonials:

"You are the most awesome and that speaks for itself. I have been on numerous shoots and castings over the past sixteen or so years of being in the business and I promise you I have heard many people mention your name and recommend you as an agent to others. You are one of the rarest, and one of the most honest agents they have ever worked with." - Loraine
"I have recommended you over and over because when my daughter modeled I always felt you had her best interest at heart, ALWAYS. I so appreciated your honesty, integrity, and advice. It was later that I discovered by accident your involvement in animal rescue and protection. I hope your talent realizes what they have in you as an agent. You're like Faith - it is something we believe in but don't see. I would say that is you Louise, Faithful." - Julie
Eagle and Louise